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Incorporation Fees
  • - $200 State Filing fee: This fee is paid directly to the State.
  • - $100 Incorporation: We prepare and file same-day, expedited service.
  • - $300 New LLC Total. Includes 1 year of Washington Registered Agent service.
The Incorporation Process
  • - Complete an order to create a New Washington LLC.
  • - We prepare and file for you within 24 hours of your order.
  • - When the State has completed processing we notify you by e-mail.
  • - Expedited delivery of your Incorporation documents via USPS Priority Mail.
After Incorporation
  • - Apply for a Washington State business license, register tradenames.
  • - If necessary, apply for a local business license in principal address city.
  • - Request an Employer Identification Number, for free, from the IRS website.
  • - Open new business checking account with received documents and information.
  • - Review RCW 25.15 and keep RCW 25.15.136 required records at the principal office address.
  • - Keep accurate sales records and receipts. File a Washington State B&O tax return as appropriate.
  • - Once each year, renew your licenses and file an annual report to remain active and in good standing.
Annual Requirements
  • - Washington LLC must file an annual report and pay the State a fee of $71.
  • - Washington LLC must renew State business license. $19 + $5 per tradename.
  • - Washington LLC must renew local business license - if required by city or town.
  • - Washington LLC must file Washington B&O tax return and pay tax as appropriate.
What you receive
  • - Incorporation of your New LLC in Washington.
  • - Expedited Delivery of Incorporation Documents and Certificate.
  • - Includes 1 year Registered Agent service. Renews at $50 each year.
  • - Instant access to your online account to track order progress and more.
Benefits of choosing Atlantic Corporate Services®
  • - Use our experience to avoid errors and delays by avoiding common filing mistakes.
  • - Professional service. We are a Commercial Registered Agent, incorporated in Washington.
  • - Pricing Guarantee. We guarantee your Registered Agent fee will remain the same each year.
  • - Corporate Compliance Monitoring and mailed renewal reminders are included with your service.
  • - All items received from the State and others are forwarded with no postage fees, trackable online.
  • - Our expert corporate sales and support team is available to assist you with any questions you have.
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Here's what you'll need:

  • - Name of LLC and two alternate names. Must include "LLC", "L.L.C" or "Limited Liability Company".
  • - Principal office address. Business or home office address.

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