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Incorporation Fees
  • $50 State Filing fee: This fee is paid directly to the State.
  • $100 Incorporation: We prepare and file same-day, expedited service.
  • $150 New Nonprofit Total. Includes 1 year of Washington Registered Agent service.
The Incorporation Process
  • Complete an order to create a New Nonprofit.
  • We prepare and file for you within 24 hours of your order.
  • When the State has completed processing we notify you by e-mail.
  • Expedited delivery of your Incorporation documents via USPS Priority Mail.
After Incorporation
  • Apply for a Washington State business license, if necessary.
  • If necessary, apply for a local business license in principal address city.
  • Request an Employer Identification Number, for free, from the IRS website.
  • Open new business checking account with received documents and information.
  • Review RCW 24.03 and keep RCW 24.03.135 required records at the principal office address.
  • Keep accurate sales records and receipts. File a Washington State B&O tax return if required.
  • Once each year, renew your licenses and file an annual report to remain active and in good standing.
Additional Requirements
  • If the nonprofit that you are creating is or plans to raise funds from the public, it may be required to register with the Secretary of State's Charities Program.

    Registration with the Charities Program is separate from and in addition to filings required under corporate law. Review the Charities Program Web Site to review registration requirements or to register.
Annual Requirements
  • Washington Nonprofit must file an annual report and pay the State a fee of $10.
  • Washington Nonprofit must renew State business license. $19 + $5 per tradename.
  • Washington Nonprofit must renew local business license - if required by city or town.
  • Washington Nonprofit must file Washington B&O tax return and pay tax as appropriate.
What you receive
  • Incorporation of your New Nonprofit in Washington.
  • Expedited Delivery of Incorporation Documents and Certificate.
  • Includes 1 year Registered Agent service. Renews at $50 each year.
  • Instant access to your online account to track order progress and more.
Benefits of choosing Atlantic Corporate Services®
  • Use our experience to avoid errors and delays by avoiding common filing mistakes.
  • Professional service. We are a Commercial Registered Agent, incorporated in Washington.
  • Pricing Guarantee. We guarantee your Registered Agent fee will remain the same each year.
  • Corporate Compliance Monitoring and mailed renewal reminders are included with your service.
  • All items received from the State and others are forwarded with no postage fees, trackable online.
  • Our expert corporate sales and support team is available to assist you with any questions you have.
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Here's what you'll need:

  • Name of New Nonprofit Corporation and two alternate names.
  • Include Corporation, Incorporated, Limited or Company, or Corp., Inc., Ltd., or Co. in name.
  • Name and mailing address of each initial Nonprofit Director.
  • Net Asset Distribution plan in event of voluntary dissolution.
  • Nonprofit purpose of organization.

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