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Instant online account with access to forms and address needed to complete online or paper corporate filings. Service for $50 each year. Includes compliance monitoring, mail forwarding, reminders and more.



Registered Agent customers receive the following benefits for one low annual rate.


We receive important documents, annual reports, notices and service of process for your business and forward them to any address with no postage/shipping fees.


We serve as Registered Agent and provide Incorporation services to a growing list of successful businesses across Washington. Commercial Registered Agent #603591771.


Our team of experts is available to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have. Existing customers can easily contact us from within the online account portal.


The annual renewal rate will never increase for as long as you remain a customer. If you are offered a lower rate or find a lower rate for registered agent service we will match it.


Fulfill the state requirement to designate and maintain a registered agent in Washington to receive important documents and annual reports. Review Chapter 23.95 RCW Article 4.


Many of our customers prefer to file by mail to save money. Receive immediate access to pre-signed forms for all entity types, pre-signed and ready to send and file by mail.


Received items are scanned to PDF, stored securely to your online account and backed up in three locations. Notifications are sent and the original is forwarded immediately.


Manage your business with secure access to our online corporate accounts system. Our service includes compliance monitoring, two-factor authentication and more.


We monitor your corporate record and notify you of any changes. Receive mailed corporate compliance reminders to remain in compliance with local/state requirements.


Items are forwarded to your shipping address with no shipping or postage fees. Formation Certificate is sent via USPS Priority Mail, all other items sent First-Class Mail.


As your Washington registered agent, we protect your personal privacy by replacing personally identifiable information with our corporate information and office address.


Customers receive instant access to and use of our brick and mortar office street address.
Our office is in Pierce County, Washington, about one hour from the State capital.


Get instant, secure access to the customer portal to access our registered agent consent form, pre-signed corporate filing forms, view scans of received documents and items, view compliance monitoring information, update shipping address information and more.

Document and Mail Inbox

Corporate Compliance Monitoring

Pre-Signed Documents & Forms

Manage Account Information

Secure Online Document Storage

Mailed Renewal Reminders

Washington Registered Agent service
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below you will find our most frequently asked questions:

All Washington corporate entities including LLC's, Corporations and Limited Partnerships doing business in Washington are required to have a Registered Agent with a physical street address in Washington on file with the Washington Secretary of State. The Registered Agent you select for your business will receive annual report reminders, notices, and service of process on behalf of your business and forward to the shipping address you provide. We are a local Washington Registered Agent and accept and forward items promptly for our customers every day.

Yes! When you place an order you will receive an e-mail with our local corporate office address for your immediate business use. This email contains helpful instructions to assist you with completing your new business filing or updating your existing business record with the State with a statement of change. Your online account will be created instantly with secure access to your account to view pre-signed forms, instructions to complete online filings, access to compliance monitoring information for your business and more.

When you place an order for registered agent service, the registered agent address to use for corporate filings on CCFS and on paper filings is automatically sent to the e-mail address provided. Existing customers can securely access the registered office address and information anytime from the Registered Agent Dashboard. Use the login link at the top of the page to access this information.

Each Corporation must continuously maintain a registered agent in Washington in accordance with Chapter 23.95 RCW, which states that all foreign and domestic entities doing business in Washington shall maintain a registered agent with a Washington physical address. Registered Agent name and address must be provided to the state. WA registered agent physical addresses may not be PO boxes.

Our annual fee for Washington Registered Agent service is for one entity. Each entity should have a separate account. For multiple entities please signup using your company email address for each business to organize your accounts in our system.

Many pre-signed, printable forms for paper filings are available, including a Registered Agent Consent form, Change of Registered Agent form and Appointment of Agent of Service form for the Washington State Bar Association, Articles of Incorporation and/or Certificate of Formation forms for the following entity types: Profit Corporation, LLC, Professional Limited Liability Corporation, Social Purpose Corporation, Nonprofit Corporation, Limited Partnership (LP and LLLP) and Limited Liability Partnership (LLP).

We make it easy to switch registered agent services with us. Simply place an order to appoint us as your entity registered agent and then follow the instructions with your existing agent to relieve them of their responsiblity. They will not need to resign as an agent because you are replacing them.

When we receive items and documents on your behalf we process and scan each item into your online account for you to view and download in PDF format. The original items are forwarded to the Shipping address on file. All important mail, documents, service of process from a process server and all other items are sent using USPS First-Class Mail. Mail typically goes out the same day it is received.

Yes, we are listed on the Secretary of State of Washington website as a Commercial Registered Agent on the Corporations section of the site. As a Commercial Registered Agent in Washington we continuously maintain updated mailing and contact information with the state to ensure prompt forwarding of any items received on behalf of our customers.

Washington State has some of the lowest annual maintenance fees for corporate entities in the United States. We have compiled a list of the most common annual fees for Corporations, Limited Liability Companies and Non-Profits and it is available here. View all Washington annual fees.

Yes, we send electronic notifications to the email address on file when we receive an item or document addressed to the registered agent of your corporate entity. The notification will include the name of the sender and will provide you with an estimate for delivery to your shipping address.

Payment information is kept safe and is securely processed using the PCI complaint merchant Stripe and/or Chargebee. We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

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