Washington Reinstatement FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I reinstate a Washington business?

To reinstate you must pay a reinstatement fee, any delinquent fees and update information.

To begin the reinstatement process, click here.

What is the Washington reinstatement fee?

The State of Washington requires that a reinstatement fee and any delinquent fees be paid to reinstate an inactive or administratively dissolved entity.

Washington LLC, Corporation and LP reinstatement Fee: $140 plus all delinquent fees.
Washington Nonprofit reinstatement Fee: $35 plus all delinquent fees.
Our fee for reinstatement filings in Washington State is $50.

What is administrative dissolution?

Operating a corporate entity in Washington State requires that you follow State law and corporate maintenance requirements including filing an annual report. RCW 23.95.605 explains why an entity could be administratively dissolved, these reasons include:

1. The entity does not pay interest, penalties or fees required to be paid to the State when due.
2. The entity does not file an annual report within 120 days of the due date.
3. The entity fails to have a registered agent in this state for thirty consecutive days.
4.The entity's duration in the public record was set to expire and is not perpetual.

Note: Entities that have been administratively dissolved within 5 years may file to bring their entity back to active and good standing status in the State of Washington.

Why do I need to reinstate my business?

The most common reason for administrative dissolution is failure to file an annual report. To remain aware of filing deadlines it is recommended that you use our Washington Registered Agent service to receive important corporate maintenance reminders.

What happens after I submit my information?

Upon submission on our reinstatement page on Washington.biz, your information is sent to our team for processing. Typically, within one hour you will receive an e-mail containing the fees required by the State and information you need to complete the filing with our company. Upon completion, you will receive a document from the State of Washington indicating that your business is reinstated and is now in an Active status in the State records.

What is the law regarding Reinstatement in Washington?

The law regarding reinstatement in Washington State: RCW 23.95.615.